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Personalized Care and Guidance

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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy begins with a phone consultation, initial intake for services with paperwork, and a plan for how services can help meet your goals within a given period of time. A regular schedule is developed and a plan to review goals is talked about each month.

Services are provided to individuals 17 years and older.


EMDR Psychotherapy

EMDR (eye-movement desensitization reprocessing) is an evidenced-based therapy known for the treatment of trauma and anxiety. Services begin with a phone consultation, initial intake for services with paperwork, and education about the phases of therapy. We gather history, assess how well this therapy will work for you, and identify a plan including a list of experiences that cause distress.

EMDR has become an increasingly known therapy. To learn more about EMDR psychotherapy, visit

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Professional supervision is an opportunity to seek support, guidance, education and training for client case management. As a clinical social worker I provide supervision to professionals in practices, social workers seeking clinical licensure, and paraprofessionals in the area of community based services, with a focus on the impact of traumatic stress to individuals, families and communities.

Services are scheduled in advance for a set period of time. An initial meeting will be scheduled to set goals and expectations, as well as the defined topic areas for supervision.

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EMDR Consultation

As an EMDRIA Approved Consultant, I provide consultation hours for individuals new to EMDR or developing their skills as they approach EMDR Certification. We focus of the foundational skills and educational tools of the AIP model, 8 Phases, and 3 Prong approach.

"When we approach learning as a willingness to see our strengths and explore our growing edges we can accomplish many things."

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